Revolutionise Your Payments with SpacePay

Your Payments
with SpacePay

Leap into the future of payments. Our platform ensures every transaction is fast, secure, and opens new doors for your business. Welcome to the next level of commerce.

Crypto Payments
Made Simple

Crypto Payments Made Simple

SpacePay revolutionises retail payments with cryptocurrency acceptance, converting seamlessly to all traditional currencies . The traditional POS terminals, powered by our easy-to-use payment APK, make crypto transactions as straightforward as traditional payments, ushering in a new era of financial flexibility for merchants.

POS Terminals

POS Terminals Integrated

Your POS Terminal, Upgraded

Your POS

Initiating Your
First Payment

Initiating Your First Payment

Setting up your first payment with SpacePay is straightforward and secure. Here's how it works:


SpacePay is your gateway to affordable and innovative commerce, offering the most cost-effective way to accept cryptocurrency while receiving fiat currency. This service ensures your business is protected from crypto market volatility and attracts a tech-savvy customer base. Enjoy the dual benefits of cutting-edge technology and unmatched affordability with SpacePay, the perfect blend of reliability and innovation for modern merchants.

Getting Started
with SpacePay
Integration Made

Getting Started with SpacePay Integration Made Easy

Talk to our team and discover how to seamlessly integrate our payment system into your platform. It's easier than you think!

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